Party Policy

A #CleanBreakBrexit

Obviously the Brexit Party’s main differentiating policy is that we believe in a #CleanBreakBrexit.

It’s clear that the EU, aided and abetted by a large number of traitorous MPs, have no intention of offering us a reasonable deal to leave – and why would they if they believe that offering a bad deal will enable anti-democratic politicians to keep up the pressure to overturn our Referendum win and force us to stay, which is what the EU want.

What else do we stand for?

In order to come to a mutually acceptable new relationship we need to start again, from a position of complete separation, and then work out how close we want to be in the future. This means trade on WTO rules and no ‘divorce’ payments to the EU.

Several policy announcements have been made already and they are listed below. Other announcements will be made in the future and we will have a full suite of policies in time for a General Election.

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You can download some of our party literature from here

Brexit Party Policy

Control over Courts, Laws, Economy, Money, Borders

That’s fundamentally what Brexit will deliver.

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  • The two-party system is broken we want to reform it, and the first-past-the-post system
  • Fight electoral fraud and the questionable use of postal voting
  • Reform of the civil service Reform of the House of Lords

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  • Scrap HS2 and divert the money to infrastructure projects in the Midlands and North
  • Halve foreign aid bill
  • Save £39 billion of taxpayer cash by leaving the EU on WTO terms

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  • £200 billion spending (from foreign aid, Brexit devoice bill, and HS2) on the regions
  • Cut student loan interest
  • Free Wi-Fi on all public transport (National Wi-Fi Service)

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  • Expand international trade after Brexit, which will benefit businesses everywhere
  • Promote small business opportunities – e.g. zero business rates on the high street for retailers, offset by small internet sales tax

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  • Reform of the BBC and its license fee

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