Elections and Voting


You should definitely register to vote if you’re not already registered – you never know, a General Election may be just around the corner.

Register to Vote at www.gov.uk/register-to-vote

As a Brexiteer, How Should I Vote ?

Make no mistake, the local elections this year will be seen as a barometer of the feelings of the British public as we reflect on the performance of the Government and House of Commons in general in their handling of Brexit.

  • Vote Conservative = Support for May and, more explicitly, her deal
  • Vote Labour = Support for a Customs Union/ Single Market
  • Vote LibDem = Support for a Losers Vote or revoking of A50

How Should I Vote in Local Elections?

Let me caveat this by saying how you vote is up to you.

This is purely my opinion, as a seriously p*ssed off Brexiteer, as to how I would (and am) approaching the local elections;

  1. Vote for someone from a 100% pro-Brexit Party
  2. Vote for an Independent candidate (checking that they are genuinely independent)
  3. If you get to here there are three options;
    1. Vote against the Conservatives, for the Party most likely win*
    2. Spoil the paper and write something about Brexit on it **
    3. Don’t vote at all ***

* For some, this will be tricky. It may mean voting for a Party you really don’t want and wouldn’t normally vote for. But the Brexit betrayal is almost entirely a problem created by the Conservatives and that message needs to get through.

** All spoilt papers are counted and recorded so this is a legitimate protest vote. Scrawling “Give me the Brexit I voted for your low-life Bastards” on the paper, will certainly send a message. However there is some god advice from votenone.org.uk about the best way to register your protest vote. There are some quite strict rules about interpreting the marks of a spoilt paper so this site is well worth a visit.

*** This would be a shame. The only wasted vote is one that’s not used. My strong advice would be to go down the spoilt ballot route if you don’t want to vote for a party.

How Should I Vote in European Elections?

As now looks almost inevitable, we will be involved with another round of Euro elections at the end of May (no pun intended).

Again, this will become a de-facto 2nd Referendum vote where a vote for Labour or Libdems is a vote to Remain, a vote for the Conservatives is an endorsement of May’s deal and a vote for a pro-Brexit group is a vote to Leave.

Here, the situation is clearer because the voting system is Proportional Representation rather than First Past the Post. Therefore if there are two (or more) pro-Brexit parties on the ballot you can vote for either.

In Summary

Let me say again – the only wasted vote is a vote not used.

Many people are tempted not to bother voting after the massive disappointment of the failure to deliver Brexit – that is what they want. If you don’t vote you will be letting them get away with this shocking betrayal.

The only language political parties understand is that of the ballot box. Hit ‘em where it hurts and use your vote to send a pro-Brexit message to May, Corbyn and the rest.

Links to pro-Brexit Parties if you want more info;

Brexit Party
Democrats and Veterans
For Britain
Time Party
The Foundation Party