Leavers Events

– No social events planned at the moment –

Stay tuned, there might be one coming up in the summer.

Where Can I Find Out About Leavers Events?

For up-to-date details on “Leavers Of” events across the whole Country, head over to the Events pages of Leavers Of Britain.

Where Can I Find Out About Leavers Events In Berkshire?

Stay tuned to this site or follow us on social media to keep up to date with other events tanking place in the area.

If you’re organising an event we’d be happy to add it to this page – just send me an email with the details.

Past Leavers Events In Berkshire

Saturday 18th May – campaigning in Bracknell with Peter Wiltshire.

Saturday 18th May – campaigning in Maidenhead.

Saturday 18th May – campaigning in Wokingham with candidates Peter Wiltshire and Belinda deLucy. We were visited by Sir John Redwood too!

Friday 17th May – campaigning in Slough with candidate Robert Rowland

Saturday 11th May – campaigning in Maidenhead

Saturday 11th May – campaigning in Newbury

Monday 6th May – campaigning in Bracknell town centre with Peter Wiltshire, Matt Taylor and Robert Rowland – Brexit Party MEP Candidates. A lot of support for us and massive discontent with Dr Philip Lee.

Saturday 4th May – campaigning in Woodley town centre with Peter Wiltshire – Brexit Party MEP Candidate. Really positive reaction.

Wednesday 1st May – campaigning at Reading railway station.

Saturday 27th April we joined up with Facts4EU.org to campaign in Theresa May’s backyard of Maidenhead.

The inaugural Leavers event in Berkshire took place on 23rd April 2019 and was a great success.

We had 25 people attend from right across the County and also had the pleasure of welcoming Lucy Harris the founder of LeaversOfBritain.