But the EU is good for Universities


If the EU is so good for Universities, let’s have a look at World Rankings (QS World University Rankings 2019);

Of The Top 10:

  • UK: 4 / 10
  • EU: 0 / 10

Top 25

  • UK: 5/25
  • EU: 0/25

Top 50

  • UK: 8/50
  • EU: 1/10

So of the 50 best Universities in the World, the UK has EIGHT, the rest of the EU Countries combined have ONE.  Why then, do people claim that the EU is good for Universities?  Because of the funding they all receive. But this is our money – what I want to know is;

How is EU Funding Decided?

Are Universities receiving funding because they are the best places for that money to be spent, or are they only getting it because they are in the EU?

  • If UK Universities are receiving money because they are the best place for that money to be spent, then why would that money stop when we leave?  Surely those investing in research want to get the best value and best results for their investment.
  • If UK Universities are only getting the money because they are Universities in EU Countries, then I want to know why the EU are wasting my money in these places when there are other Universities elsewhere in the World that would be better.  In this instance funding is no more than a bribe to ensure that Universities continue the indoctrination of young people that the EU is good, nation states are bad.

This indoctrination begins in our schools and colleges – the EU pumps billions of our money into educational establishments to ensure the younger generations grow up believing in the glorious EU – it’s a form of brainwashing, and something that wouldn’t have been out of place in Nazi Germany.

Schools hold European Youth Week every year – coincidentally at the same time as campaigning for the EU elections ramps up.  A couple of years ago, my daughter’s school ran a series of pro-EU assemblies for the students – I offered to arrange for a Euro-sceptic MEP to come in and talk about the EU from a different perspective, my offer was declined.

And let’s not forget that there is no such thing as EU money – it’s your money – for every £2 we receive from the EU, we have to pay in £5 in the first place.