But what about mobile roaming charges?

A much heralded EU benefit is the reduction in mobile roaming charges. But this, like many supposed EU benefits, doesn’t stand up to scrutiny.

  1. Remember this only impacts roaming within the EU. There’s no saving if you holiday in the US or Far East for example.
  2. If your bill is lower, phone companies are making less profit – do you think that the phone companies are going to simply roll over and accept this?
    1. In order to recoup the lost profit what’s the answer? Well, to increase the plans and call costs for everyone in their home countries. The big phone companies don’t mind doing this if EVERYONE has to do it, there will be no loss of subscribers if all companies put up costs together.
    2. So we are all paying for this supposed benefit – whether we holiday in the EU or not.
  3. And as most places have WiFi (especially the hotels) you shouldn’t be using much data anyway – Snapchat, Twitter, FB messenger etc. are all done over WiFi if you have it. And as most people are only away for a week or two, how much of a saving can it be?
  4. So who actually benefits? Well, it’s people who spend a lot of the time in Europe, away from their home country and who use mobile phones a lot for calls. People like . . . MEPs?