We won’t be able to make use of the Erasmus scheme as students;

  1. There are 6 non-EU countries with full participation rights.
  2. There are more than twenty others with Partner Country status that includes much of North Africa and even Russia.
  3. A huge number of students from the EU want to come to the UK
    1. Because it’s a nice place to live and work
    2. Because we speak English and that’s what they want to learn.

Here’s a link to all the Countries that participate in Erasmus.

We will definitely still remain in the Erasmus scheme when we leave.

Oh, and another thing, did you know that when EU students come to study in the UK they are also entitled to UK government student loans to cover their tuition fees? 

To date more than £1.2bn is still owed by over 80,000 EU students who have completed their courses and returned home but HAVE NOT repaid the loans – which means that you and I pick up the bill.