What about this leaflet?

The leaflet “So What Has The EU Ever Done For Us” is often produced as proof of what being in the EU means and why it is good. Here’s my take on these spurious claims;

  1. Many of these items are things that every other respectable government in the World takes care of on behalf of its citizens – if you believe a British government is incapable of managing them then you have a serious case of Stockholm syndrome – these are crossed in red.
  2. Then there are items that are managed between governments and NGOs globally – crossed in orange
  3. You have to be really dumb not to realise that anything financial on this list is NOT a benefit – for every £2 we get from the EU we have to pay in £5 first. These are yellow.
  4. Mobile roaming is a con (see later FAQ), the SM/ CU prevents cheaper imports and therefore costs us. Other things that are actively damaging to the UK are crossed in purple.
  5. There are some things that a trading bloc helps with – but why should you have to give up sovereignty to join a trading bloc? These are crossed in green.
  6. Access to European health services – according to FullFact the reciprocal arrangements regarding health care leave the UK of £600m per year worse off.
  7. That leaves cheaper air travel – how?

And ultimately, how is any of the above worth giving away sovereignty, control of laws and control of trade?

It’s not – #BetterOffOut